If you have a pool in South Florida, odds are that you want to use it frequently.  Quality First Air Conditioning wants to help provide you with ultimate, year-round comfort not only inside your home, but inside your pool as well.  Temperatures here in South Florida rarely dip for long periods of time, but a comfortably warm pool is ideal any time of the year.  And beyond comfort, keeping your pool well heated can boost the value of your home and allow enjoyable, luxurious swimming throughout all 12 months of the year.  If your existing pool isn’t providing you with ultimate satisfaction year-round, QFAC’s skilled technicians can help by providing expert repair services as well as our industry leading pool heaters. 

Pool Heater Installation

With over 20 years of experience providing new pool heaters to residents in Palm Beach and Broward counties, Quality First Air Conditioning can help transform the experience of your time spent in your pool.  We offer a wide selection of pool heaters that fit your budget and will provide superior quality and performance for many years to come.

Quality First Air Conditioning currently offers two lines of best-in-class pool heater systems, 1) AquaCal and 2) Gulfstream.

Pool Heaters
Pool Heaters