Insight and Tips On A/C System and Why It Freezes Up.

Quality First Air Conditioning, a trusted and experienced A/C Company, gives insight and tips on A/C systems and why they freeze up. The tips and insights are backed by many years of experience and expert knowledge.  As a Company that has been servicing the air conditioning, duct work, ventilation, pool heater and indoor air quality needs of customers in Palm Beach and Broward counties for over two decades, Quality First Air Conditioning provides helpful tips, awareness, and suggestions.

According to Quality First Air Conditioning, the A/C system freezing up can be detected when there is ice or frost on the copper tubing of the interior components of the air handler unit, which is usually located in a closet, attic, or garage. In such situations, the first thing one must do is to turn off the A/C system to allow the frozen condensation to melt.  If there is ice or frost in the unit, A/C professionals will not be able to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.

A/C systems freeze up because of five primary reasons – Poor Airflow, Low Refrigerant Levels, Thermostat Settings, Poor Draining (Old and/or Faulty Drain Lines) and Clogged Air Filters. Poor Air Flow will make the A/C system operate at an excessively cold operating temperature resulting in the system freezing up. For an A/C system to perform optimally, the refrigerant (Freon) needs the right pressure.  The best option is to inspect and recharge the refrigerant levels regularly. Excessively low Thermostat Settings mean the A/C will blast chilled air, leading to over-cooling of the system and excess condensation, which results in the system freezing up. When there are old and/or faulty drain lines, the water collects inside the A/C unit, compromising the performance of the system and eventually leading to the system freezing up. Clogged Air Filters obstruct the airflow of the A/C system, causing excess condensation and eventually leading to ice or frost.

In case of the A/C system freezing up, it’s always better to hire a trusted and experienced A/C company to diagnose and service the system. Quality First Air Conditioning is a reliable A/C Company in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and surrounding areas that offers Preventative Maintenance Programs for A/C systems.  This includes measuring the correct filter sizes for custom air filters, changing filters and other services. The team of professional technicians are trained, equipped, and certified to handle A/C troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, and installations. One can easily contact the Company to get a free quote today.