Comparing your AC system to the Human Body.

Many of our customers’ lives are filled with work, play, a variety of interests, and overall just enjoying the South Florida lifestyle.  Taking the time to study, research and become knowledgeable on Air Conditioning technology is understandably not a priority.  However, as we enter another hot South Florida summer season, we thought it would be helpful to compare an Air Conditioning system to the human body.  It’s likely that many households and businesses will need to coordinate some level of repair or replacement activity with their Air Conditioning systems this Summer.  We’ve found it helpful to gain a better understanding of situations that may arise with the comparison to the human body.


A/C Compressor is the Heart – the big box outside your house is called the Condenser unit (CU).  Inside the CU is the compressor, a component that looks like a Darth Vader helmet.  The compressor pumps refrigerant/freon through the A/C system.

Refrigerant/Freon is the Blood – refrigerant is pumped through the A/C system to provide proper cooling and system operation.  As a closed loop system, the A/C system should not release refrigerant.  If refrigerant levels are low, that means there is a leak somewhere that should be fixed.  Perpetual “bleeding” of refrigerant will definitely impact the performance of the system.

Copper Line Sets and Coils are the Veins – as a closed loop system, the indoor Air Handler unit (AHU) is connected with copper piping to the outdoor CU. Refrigerant is pumped out of the compressor/heart into the AHU in the home and then return to the compressor in the CU in a different form ready to be cycled through again.  If refrigerant is leaking from the “veins”, a repair needs to be made and it’s likely that refrigerant levels would need to be replenished to proper system spec levels as well.

Filter Dryer is the Kidney – just as a kidney is meant to filter toxins from the blood, the filter dryer is meant to filter contaminants from the circulating refrigerant.  The filter dryer, a small barrel looking component, is usually found connected in the copper line set located next to the outdoor CU.

Air Filters are the Liver – having good quality air filters, and changing them every 30-90 days, are imperative to remove particulates from the system that can impair its performance.  Particularly with preventing dirt and debris to gather on the coil in the AHU and impact system operations.

Thermostat is the Brain – the thermostat controls the entire A/C system.

Ducts and Ductwork are the Lungs – it’s imperative that the A/C system “breathes” properly.  The amount of air being circulated through the system needs to be tightly aligned with the size of the A/C system as well as the desired room temperatures.

Return Air is to Inhale – the A/C system circulates airflow through residence or business.  Return air removes humidity from the air and is then brought through the system to be cooled and re-circulated.

Supply Air is to Exhale – this is the cool air that you feel flowing out through the grilles.

Grilles are the Mouth and Teeth – this is where the system inhales and exhales.  Return and supply grilles are readily apparent on ceiling and walls.

Drain Lines are the Bladder and Urinary Tract – a properly functioning A/C system outputs condensation.  It’s essential that this condensation is able to leave the system as it must go somewhere and leave the home or business.  Drain lines are part of the building structure and often are old and have calcified algae, dirt and debris buildup.  Clogged drain lined need to be cleared immediately.

Electrical Components are the Central Nervous System – electrical wiring, circuit breakers, transformers, contactors, capacitors and other electrical components are required to support proper A/C system operation.


Cheers to good health and optimal performance for everyone and their A/C systems! For More information visit.